• Project A 30

    Complete renovation of the carriageway from the Schüttorf intersection to the international boundary with the Netherlands

  • Project K 154

    Draft survey for the planning of the carriageway renovation

  • Project Pedestrian and cycle bridge Nordhorn

    Construction of a replacement pedestrian and cycle bridge over the Vechte in Nordhorn

Company history

The eberhardt – die ingenieure engineering company was formed in the year 2001 by the current joint owner Thomas Eberhardt upon commencement of his work as a freelance architect and engineer in structural engineering and bridge construction.

In the year 2006, the current joint owner Thomas Oeljeklaus joined as a partner in the existing office; the area of activity was expanded to incorporate the areas of the construction supervision of civil engineering structures and structural inspections in accordance with DIN 1076.

Following the continual expansion of our areas of activity and increases in the size of the workforce, in 2009 the company name was changed to “eberhardt – die ingenieure gbr” and the company headquarters was relocated to its current location in Tecklenburg.

Today more than 90 employees work on the building projects of our customers in two subsidiaries and two regional offices.

And the development is still going on:

In the next few years, we are planning the extension of our office building at the company headquarters in Tecklenburg with an extension of around 500 square metres of office space and 20 new work spaces on two floors.