• Quality management

Area of validity

The area of validity includes the entire eberhardt - die ingenieure gbr company.

As the company is a service provider and not a manufacturing company, Point 8.3 from the ISO “Development of New Services and Products” does not apply.

The area of activity of eberhardt - die ingenieure gbr incorporates the planning and construction supervision of civil engineering structures and traffic infrastructure as well as road traffic engineering and hydraulic engineering; structural inspections, monitoring of manufacturing in steel construction, engineering surveying, safety and health protection coordination and supplementary claim management.

Quality policy

Quality is the basis of all activities at eberhardt - die ingenieure, every employee makes an important contribution to the level of quality. The quality policy is the basis of work for every employee in our company.

The complete satisfaction of our client is our highest goal. We want to achieve this as a result of the high quality of our services, 100% adherence to schedules, technical competence and reliability as well as a close and friendly collaboration with our customers.

Continual improvement in quality requires an unrestricted commitment to quality in the individual work of all our employees, as well as an active contribution to the continuous improvement of the quality of the projects and services that have been developed for our customers under the company logo of eberhardt - die ingenieure.

Quality through thinking and acting

To be able to reach these quality objectives, the capabilities of all of our employees for customer and quality oriented thinking and action are continually further developed and trained.


Quality through leadership

The management staff are role models for our employees. They must formulate clear and achievable goals and support the employees in the realisation of these goals. The management staff are responsible for achieving these goals.

Customer orientation

Public clients

We make the defined goals of our clients into our goals and focus our specialist knowledge to advise our clients in a multi-disciplinary, state of the art and innovative manner. Solving the most difficult of tasks is a challenge that we are particularly happy to meet. Reliability is a matter of course for us.

To be able to comprehensively and proactively solve the complex requirements of the respective projects, it is a matter of routine for us to appreciate the situation in great detail. Because we focus on the details and on their evaluation, without losing track of the overall context, we are able to achieve appropriate solutions for our clients.

Private clients

As is the case with our public clients, we also investigate in close collaboration with our private clients their desires and requirements for their building projects. Here too, the fullest level of attention is paid to the on-schedule and technically competent delivery of the services that are required while complying with the budgetary requirements proscribed.


Professional training qualifications:

Dipl. -Ing. (Technical University / University of Applied Sciences) Civil Engineering, Bachelor of Engineering, Master of Engineering, Dipl. -Ing. (Technical University) Architect, State certified technician, Master of Science

Additional training qualification, steel construction:

Specialist welding engineer, Weld quality inspection engineer, Welding technologist, DIN certified coating inspector for the corrosion protection of steel structures by coating systems., Competent in the implementation of non-destructive inspections (visual inspection level 2), Worldwide recognised coating inspector NS476 Frosio Zertifikat (NS476 Frosio certified)

Further training in structural inspection / constructive civil engineering:

Certified engineer of the VFIB structural inspection, Certificate of expertise for wood preservation in construction, Specialist for bearings in civil engineering SIVV - certificate, Certified scientific diver (Certified Scientific Diver; European Scientific Diver), Rope-access technician Level 1 + 2 + 3 IPAF operator MVAS securing of working sites, E- Schein certificate (extended technological training for concrete)

Other training qualifications:

SAS safety auditor for roads: Rural roads and cross-town links, SAS safety auditor for roads: Rural roads and cross-town links, Expertise in leakage inspections for pipes, canals and facilities for waster water outside buildings, Safety and health protection coordination, specialist for occupational safety, Expert for working in accordance with Technical Rule for Hazardous Substances (TRGS) 519, Specialist expert in environmental construction supervision