• Constructive civil engineering

Constructive civil engineering

The Constructive Civil Engineering department comprises all of the services of the HOAI (Fee Ordinance for Architects and Engineers) for new construction, re-construction and repair measures for bridge structures, noise protection walls, sign gantries and other engineering construction works. The designs range from the solid concrete and pre-stressed concrete construction methods to steel and steel composite concrete construction methods as well as wooden constructions. The planning works that are carried out for this purpose are performed both in close collaboration with the corresponding building developers and with numerous additional departments of the company.

Person responsible in the Statics department
Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Markus den Boer, certified engineer

Bridge construction

From the draft design to the development of complex structural models, our experienced engineers and designers plan all types of bridge constructions. The range of bridges goes from pedestrian and cycle path bridges to bridge constructions in public local and community transport to road bridges for the federal roads and highways.

The maintenance and strengthening of existing bridges is also gaining importance. After completed calculations in accordance with the calculation guidelines of the Federal Ministry of Transport, Building and Urban Development have been completed, an engineering assessment of the results up to the development of renovation and/or reinforcement measures, as well as any necessary planning for new construction will be carried out.

  • Preliminary planning and analysis of alternatives
  • Drawing up supporting structure solutions
  • Design and approval planning
  • The creation of auditable statics calculations in accordance with DIN EN 1991-2 as well as the valid Eurocodes
  • The creation of auditable implementation plans
  • Static calculations for structures in accordance with the calculation guidelines
  • Calculations for structures and structural components for the installation of passive safety measures

Trough and tunnel constructions

Alongside bridge constructions, trough and tunnel constructions are among the group of the most demanding engineering constructions. Here, the critical structural conditions in particular often require evaluation by experienced engineers. Eberhardt - die ingenieure gbr possesses the relevant experience in the area of tunnel renovation, particularly in relation to reinforcement measures and also for example the installation of subsequent drainage pipes as part of the retro-fitting of fire protection measures.

Noise protection walls

As a result of the continually increasing amount of individual and freight traffic, the construction of noise protection walls is gaining an increasing amount of social importance. Alongside the purely sound absorbing function, the design and incorporation of noise protection walls into the existing locations is of particular importance.

  • Preliminary planning and analysis of alternatives, particularly in relation to the structural foundations (conventional flat foundation, foundation on reinforced concrete or driven steel piles)
  • Design and approval planning
  • The drawing up of auditable static calculations in accordance with the German
    Guidelines for the Design of Noise Protection Walls (ZTV-Lsw 06) and the Amendments to the Guidelines and taking into account any additional official guidelines such as the “General Circular No. 22” (Allgemeinen Rundverfügung Nr. 22) for roads in North Rhine-Westphalia.
  • The creation of auditable implementation plans


In the Architecture department, all of the services of the HOAI (Fee Ordinance for Architects and Engineers) in the building and industrial construction segments are implemented. A particular focal point is the design of engineering structures

The range of services comprises:

  • The implementation of communal and private structural engineering
  • Participation in national and international realisation and design competitions
  • The design and visualisation of engineering structures