• Steel and mechanical engineering

Steel and mechanical engineering

The field of steel and mechanical engineering can implement all service phases of the HOAI (Fee Structure for Architects and Engineers) for all kinds of steel new-build, conversion and restoration measures and of mechanical systems. On top of this, tests, assessments and recalculations are offered for current constructions according to DIN 1076. Our team has many years`experience in hydraulic steelwork, conveyor technology and in the planning of movable and fixed bridges.

Department management
Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Alexander May, certified engineer

Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Matthias Neubert, certified engineer



The range of services includes:

  • Building and structural planning
  • Planning of technical equipment
  • Preliminary planning and variant analysis
  • Design, approval and implementation planning
  • Creation of workshop drawings ready for production
  • Establishment of auditable static calculations
  • Establishment of mechanical engineering calculations
  • Creation of tender documents
  • Production and construction monitoring
  • Site management, contract management
  • Expert opinions
  • Recalculation of current constructions
  • Testing of current constructions
  • Testing of designs with regards to construction, welding and contracts
  • Consultation services for the machinery directive
  • Building surveys/building inspections
  • Help with permits on a case-by-case basis
  • 3D modelling

Steel bridge construction

Our experienced engineers and constructors plan all kinds of steel constructions from their design to the workshop documents. Here, the spectrum ranges from gantries and fixed steel brigdes to movable bridges, e.g. bascule, swing and lift bridges.

Hydro mechanical steel structures

We plan and monitor steel and mechanical engineering constructions in hydro mechanical steel structures across all service phases.

hydro mechanical steel structures represent specific requirements for the areas of structural planning and construction. Here, the drive technology plays a significant role. Thanks to many years`experience in new-builds and complete overhaul of hydraulic systems, e.g. ship lifts, floodgates, dams and flood protection systems, our engineers and designers are able to develop steel and mechanical engineering solutions tailored to each situation.

In the course of high water protection, evaluating older hydro maechanical steel structures is becoming more important. Within the scope of such evaluations, our engineers can deliver the following services: inventories, recalculations, assessment of the results using an engineering approach, planning of repair measures and, if necessary, new construction measures of steel constructions and drive technology.




Mechanical engineering

The field of mechanical engineering comprises the construction and development of individual machine components to entire drive systems. In order to ensure the lifespan of the components, our engineers draw on various proven calculation methods. Furthermore, existing systems can be tested and recalculated by us.



Conveyor technology

We develop structural solutions and steel and machine constructions suited to customer requirements in the area of conveyor technology. The design and construction are carried out according to valid, country-specific standards. Our engineers have experience in detecting the residual service life, which they employ in the course of the lifetime extension of old systems. In cases of perfomance improvements at existing plants or in the event of a claim, our engineers are able to survey, recalculate and evaluate the plant both domestically and abroad. Based on this, measures for enhancement can be established and constructed.

Special constructions/
Steel constructions

We are able to find individual solutions thanks to many years`experience in steel construction and in mechanical engineering. Our engineers plan needs-oriented constructions that are tailored to customer requirements.