• Supplementary work

Supplementary work

Alterations to the scope of services and disturbances in the construction schedule can, in the case of many construction projects, lead to supplementary claims for the contractor and not infrequently leads to the considerable potential for conflict between the contractual parties.

Unexplained supplements place a strain on the relationship between the contractual parties, tie up resources and can, in the case of delayed explanations, drive the costs up higher.

The Supplementary Work department investigates the remuneration claims in the event of additional or altered contractual services (supplement or claim management).

Department management
Dipl.-Ing. (TU) Lothar Kröger, certified engineer

The range of services comprises:

  • Reviews of progress
  • Investigation of the reason (the basis of the claim)
  • Investigation of the amount (the amount of the claim)
  • The creation of comparative costing calculations
  • Preparation for, contribution to and implementation of price negotiations
  • The creation of supplementary agreements
  • The creation of agreements on the rules for demands for compensation for damages and equalisation payments
  • Documentation of the procedure