• Construction supervision civil engineering

Construction supervision civil engineering

In the construction supervision of constructive civil engineering, the corresponding structural implementation will be realised after the construction and measurement of the supporting structures.

In the framework of the project realisation, trained employees will draw up the necessary tendering documents on the basis of the German Construction Contact Procedures (VOB) with the help of the latest tender software and will accompany the project from its formation right up to the actual realisation on location.

The entire process of the project planning will take place complying with the current regulations and will be documented transparently and in a structured manner.

Department management
Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Michael Busch, certified engineer

The range of services comprises:

  • The creation of invitations for tender
  • Supervision of the construction work on-site
  • Accounting for the construction work
  • Construction contract project management
  • Supplementary audits based on the merits and in terms of the amount
  • Deadline and cost controlling
  • Quality assurance
  • Conservation of evidence during the construction
  • Contributing to the acceptance process